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Well if you wanted to know what I did for Christmas week....
*Large inhale*

Well on Sunday I left Oregon and drove to Nevada to pick up my brother, we drove down to Reno and spent the night there.
Monday morning we drove to Mt. Rose and snowboarded until about 4pm. after that we drove to Alpine Meadows Ca and stayed in the local ski lodge.
Tuesday morning we boarded alpine and squaw valley (dual mountain pass) :-) after that we drove down to Kirkwood an stayed at a local Inn.
Wednesday we skied Kirkwood all morning before heading down to bear valley... however bear valley's snow conditions looked terrible and only a few lifts were open, So we skipped that mountain and headed all the way down to Turlock.
Thursday (Christmas) we had our big ol' Swedish party with our large Swedish family, spent time with my Grandma, Parents, Aunts and Uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces.
Friday morning we headed up to Dodge ridge and spent the morning boarding the mountain... at a point about halfway through the day I snagged my board on the icy snow and crashed... My Left Shoulder hurt pretty bad but I did my best to ignore it, keep my arm immobile and finished up the day...
Turns out I broke the Clavical and tore the rotor cuff on my left shoulder "supraspinatus tear".
Supposedly the clavicle will heal on it's own but the "supraspinatus tear" needs surgery…. But they want to wait until the clavicle is partially healed before working on the rotor... as it is right now I can't lift my left arm higher than my chest.... I can still use it to type n stuff but anything beyond that is pretty painful (I actually have to use my other arm to lift it to the desk) :-(
The worst part is that It happened in the least epic way ever... On the smallest Ski resort, It wasn't even on advanced or difficult terrain it was just the trail that we were taking to the Ski run, I wasn't even going fast. And I am sure that It didn't look cool at all... :-(

so let's just add that to the list of Skiing / Snowboarding related injuries I have suffered thus far…

Broken wrist and fingers,
Torn ACL
Broken forearm
dislocated shoulder,
broken collar bone,
light concussions,
Broken ribs,
Punctured Lung and "pneumothorax"
broken clavicle and rotor cuff "supraspinatus tear"
Multiple cuts and fractures in my self esteem...
It hasn't even been a year since my last Snowboarding related surgery....  surgery (Update)
And after so many injuries due to this sport you may think that it is time for me to stop, but.... Nope.
apparently I am a masochist :iconpinkiepiecrazy:

So after that I dropped my brother off in Nevada on Saturday and now I am back in Oregon. Yay for a crazy christmas!

BTW... I Did do a Christmas painting... but because of how busy my week was I wasn't quite able to do the finishing touches on it... And I didn't want to upload it without completely finishing it. I know that It is Late... But does anyone want to see it? I could finish it up real quick and upload. if anyone was interested in seeing it.

TLDR? I Hit up five Ski resorts, Left one because it sucked, Had a Big Fat Swedish Christmas party with my big fat extended family, went to one more ski resort, Injured myself, Impending surgery, Back in Oregon. Do you want to see a late Christmas painting?


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United States
So if you don't know me which you probably don't unless you are some creepy stalker. JK... stalking is cool. ;-)
here are a few things about me.
I am a lame college student pursuing a career in engineering, taking Physics, Chemistry, Math anything and everything science.
my hobby's include - Building off-road vehicles, overhauling engines, Welding, Drawing, archery, shooting, and Ponies... yep. Ponies is a hobby.
I'll listen to most kinds of music tho my favorites are classical, and soundtracks.
I love Disney and MLP movies. No I'm not too old, and neither are you!



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