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Well As you probably know I haven't been on DA very much this past month.
There is a very good reason, and it's not just that I am a lazy slob who can't keep promises.... OK there is more than one reason...
anyhow a few months ago I had accepted a job that would be closer to home (only about 1/2 hour)
But just a few weeks ago I was offered another job in Oregon. A career changing job that I couldn't turn down.
It will probably keep me pretty busy for the next few months. I will be working with a team designing an automated production factory floor, including many prefabbed machines, ABB Robotics, and linear movement..
So I am pretty excited for that. It means I will spend more time in Oregon. But that's OK with me... I like Oregon

While I was in Oregon I hung out with my Cousins during my off time. See one of my cousins got married last week and we wanted to spend some time together before he got completely tied down. We went shooting, sending thousands of rounds down range, we blew up some random stuff with tannerite. we set up the wedding area in his front lawn and I attended his wedding. It all turned out great and I wish them both the best, (tho I expect him to still get time to go snowboarding with me this next season) otherwise I will be forced to drastic measures. :-D
another weird thing happened last week after the wedding... I was staying in Klamath Falls at a little hotel called "The Days Inn"
well one morning... at like 2:30 am I woke to hear this loud banging at my door. BANG. BANG. BANG. "LET ME IN, LET ME IN, LET ME IN" BANG BANG BANG BANG. "LET ME IN, OR I'M GONNA BREAK THIS DOOR DOWN" BANG BANG BANG BANG. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" BANG BANG BANG BANG....
Well whoever it was had my attention but needless to say I wasn't going to let him in... I pulled my Springfield xd .40 out from under my pillow and walked over to the window to get a peek at whoever this was... at that exact moment he decided to start throwing his entire body at the door in a attempt to break it down all the while yelling some incoherent babble. I could see that he wasn't going to be able to bust the door down even for all his efforts and I wondered why he didn't just break through the window. Instead of give him the chance to consider that option I went and called the local police... who apparently had already gotten calls from several of the hotel staff and occupants and were on their way. A few minutes later The police pulled up and the crazy man had changed tactics from trying to break down my door to jumping on the hood of a Toyota camry parked outside of my room. After just a small struggle they pulled him off the car and took him into custody.
I was required to fill out a bunch of statements and forms, even though I had no idea who this guy was or what he wanted. (I was later told that he was dosed up on several powerful drugs and was just as he appeared "crazy")
when It was all over I was forced to report to work with only a few hours of sleep... ruined my day..
Oh did I mention he left a bunch of blood all over my door and my car? yea he was bleeding everywhere... freaking creep.

So what did I cover... New awesome job, Shooting with cousins, wedding, crazy man trying to kill me... well that was pretty much my last month...
I hope to get the time to start doing my art again soon, I have so many half finished paintings that I want to get done for you guys... I just need to set aside some time to do it.
Anyhow, stay cool everyone!

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United States
So if you don't know me which you probably don't unless you are some creepy stalker. JK... stalking is cool. ;-)
here are a few things about me.
I am a lame college student pursuing a career in engineering, taking Physics, Chemistry, Math anything and everything science.
my hobby's include - Building off-road vehicles, overhauling engines, Welding, Drawing, archery, shooting, and Ponies... yep. Ponies is a hobby.
I'll listen to most kinds of music tho my favorites are classical, and soundtracks.
I love Disney and MLP movies. No I'm not too old, and neither are you!

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Hi sweetiebell! I know you changed you name a while back but.... I am going to continue calling you that..
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